Countrywide Renewable Energy - Countrywide Renewable Energy
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Countrywide Renewable Energy (CRE) is a renewable energy business that develops power generation projects to decarbonise Australia, inject growth into the regional and metropolitan areas and provide sustainable emission-free energy.  The company’s aim is to progress renewable energy projects comprising the generation of electricity, production of hydrogen, the development of new renewable energy technologies, disruption of existing energy models and the supply of energy to end-users in Australia and offshore with green hydrogen.

CRE works with governments at all levels, businesses and communities to determine how renewables can add value to an area or location on a long-term basis and contribute energy to the economy to transition from fossil fuel-based power generation.

Focusing on areas with renewable energy sources, CRE engages with local economies to deliver projects that build existing businesses and offer new sustainable opportunities.

CRE’s most recent projects focus on the development of renewable hydrogen production.  The heavy transport industry of trucks and buses, along with ferries, is gradually embracing the concept of decarbonising operations with hydrogen displacing diesel. Hydrogen can also replace natural gas and be used for emission-free power generation. CRE’s two renewable hydrogen projects are in Tasmania and Victoria, in south-eastern Australia.

 With a projected population in Australia of almost 50 million by 2050, the volume of energy must double.  Fossil-fuel power stations are yesterday’s solution to providing more power; distributed renewable energy is acknowledged as tomorrow’s solution which is where CRE has deep roots.  Hydrogen is destined to be the “new fuel”.


-Decarbonise economies

-Produce renewable hydrogen

-Transition Australia from diesel to hydrogen

-Reduce the price of renewable hydrogen

-Supply renewable oxygen to commercial users

-Communicate and educate hydrogen as the ‘new fuel’

-Develop new projects with global partners

-Make Australia a hydrogen showcase

-Create new opportunities with hydrogen

-Partner with like-minded organisations to deliver accountable results environmentally, financially and socially



CRE had its foundations in Countrywide Energy, the developer of the Wangaratta Solar Farm in North East Victoria. This 20MW project opened the door to numerous other potential projects through a network of government and community contacts that aggregated during that project’s development.

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